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Endurance goal, cycle proposition

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Im 167 cm, 82 kg male. 15% fat. 43yrs


Been road cycling for aprox 5 months now. Ive run 125 mg testosterone all that time (been wight lifting past 10 yrs, back injury forced me to change it up a bit).

I push 275-280 watts on 4minx5 intervals on stationary bike, to give some idea of my level of condition.

125 mg test seems ideal. I tried running 185 mg but got puffy nipples (im very sensitive to estrogenic sides) and didnt feel great. Dont want to run serms.

However i learned that eq MIGHT work as an effective e2 inhibitor (somehow diverting convertion to the 10x weaker estrone (e1).... if i understand some of what i read correctly, half the ammount of eq to testosterone to ca the same ammount (depending on the person) would be an ideal ratio to control e2 but not shutting e2 down.

  • SO, my question is 1) does anyone here have experience with eq for endurance and want to weigh in with their experience (ide much appreciate it)? And 2) im contemplating first adding 75 mg eq and see how i feel and perhaps ramp up to 185 testosterone and 100 eq to see how that turns out endurancevise.... (gyno, water, excessive musclegrowth etc) thoughts?