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First cutting cycle - need some tips what to take

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I would like to do a cutting cycle next month and I would appreciate if you can give me tips what should I take for it. 

I did one bulk cycle before 2 years ago but I had some problems so I couldn't go to gym and I got fat in those 2 years. I had 107kg before 3 months ago when I started with a gym, so I needed first to burn fat naturally before I do a cycle. Now I'm 192cm tall and I have 95kg. 

I would like to get 2-3kg of muscles but also to shred my body as much as possible.

I know that winni is used for a cutting cycle. Should I take it, what injections should I add, what dosage? Or should I take just some injections?


I have a great diet plan and supplements, just missing the cycle.


Thanks a lot!

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Seems no bad. I would recommend you start with Test E and Dianabol.