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The website is easy to navigate and place orders on. Payment process is simple and is collected very quickly then your order is shipped out right away... Easy!!

No communication needed since you will be updated during each step of the order\payment\shipping process and it is all done very quickly!

Orders packaged safe and secure, always arrives in perfect condition. Fast Shipping!

I have always received fresh, high quality products from

Its pretty simple, You get exactly what you purchase and you will NOT be disappointed!

Excellent source for high quality, low priced products. Check out the "Product of the week" that is voted for by customers and is available at %30 off normal price all week long! Awesome!!

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Posts: 2 comes through again. This was my 2nd order with them.

Package arrived as expected a couple weeks after ordering. No problems with anything.

Bayer Proviron 25mg

HCG Pregnyl 5000iu

Both of these products are 100% legit pharmaceutical grade I tested the HCG with a pregnancy test kit and it hit postive. Restored testicular function on 500uis EOD. I know the proviron was real because I felt the effects immediately and started to shed on 75mg a day.

A-S has not let me down yet, I am planning my third order as I write this review.

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This is a review for a long overdue order that I wanted to do! So here it is

Absolutely nothing negative to say about Did not need to contact them because well , I have ordered from them 4 times already and they have clear instructions for payment and shipping info ect.

Got my gear in 2 weeks after the status of my order changed to shipped.. (really good shipping time for international supplier) Packaging was really tight.. took me like 20 mins to open it lol.

Axio Test E

Axio Tren A

Axio Deca 250

Dabur Nolvadex

Axio arimidex

Axio anadrol

Axiolabs Pharma has done wonders for me. I have not got bad batches like some guys got. I know it happens i guess i am just lucky. I got great results from the test e and tren. The tren is really strong and I knew it was legit because i started to get the sides like night sweats and tren cough. I gave my friend the anadrol which i ordered for him and it gave him amazing strength on all major exercises and his weight went up.

I am really happy i have found Customer for life. Dont be afraid to try them out guys they have NO minimum orders!! 🙂

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Long time customer, ive placed well over 10 orders at this point and have never once had it stopped at the border to the states and have always arrived in 9 working days from shipment. any time i make large orders they come in more than one small pack which is nice since size and weight play a factor and im never charged additional shipping. they always have good promos even if its just bitcoin. awesome selection too

Anytime i ever had a problem the support team comes back within hours and is always top notch. they do well with grammar and spelling considering this isn't domestic. i cant speak better about this company as I've ordered from a few others in the past. I've bought just about everything under the sun from the British Dragon brand from, always top notch. and the generic HGH is worth the money.

as i said earlier, they always come in 9 days to the midwest which is awesome when T/A est. is 2-3 weeks. shipping is only 2 days usually from funds being picked up. I've never had a broken or bad product from A-S and they are always packed very very well.

this time i ordered 7x dragon pharma sustanon

it pins well, no pain and feeling all your standard effects from a little acne, sense of well being, strength gains, weight gain and a little bloat. feeling like superman as usual

I've bought from many times as i said before, and I've also tried other suppliers. i personally wont be going elsewhere because i trust that when i send my money, i will indeed receive product and it will be legit, safe and arrive earlier than expected. the variety of products available from A-S is just outstanding and unmatched in my opinion, downright best source. no if's, and's or buts about it.

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I got my order from in 6 day! the eq and test have no pip at all, inject smoothly, and are 100% good to go. I can't think of any reason not to order from these guys...A+...I ordered the package to my workplace and the delivery man handed the package to the secretary, she had no suspicion what so ever. No hints towards something sketchy were on the packaging. Can't wait to order some deca next week and give that a run! been using the product for about 4 weeks and im seeing almost daily changes in the gym!

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Another painless and smooth transaction from I think trust is huge in this game and A-S has it!

I have made many orders over the years and have never had an issue. If your considering trying them for the 1st time then I would give it a thumbs up to try, you won't be disappointed.

Reminder to guys out there researching places on where to buy from...if you see a bad review for A-S or maybe one forum heavily putting them down.. you need to remember this other competitors will do what they can to draw business away from anybody else and they often attack the best places to try and make you order from them. Don't be fooled. Take a look at the reviews here and you won't go wrong ordering from They are #1 in my book!

Communication with A-S has always been great!

Discreet packaging and well packaged fast shipping considering where its coming from.

I ran a 16 week cycle and as always I was pleased with A-S quality of the gear. Everything also looks clean and feels good with almost no PIP. Highly recommended!

I gained 18lbs while on also shredding off some body fat it is CLEARLY noticeable and I get comments all the time. I won't order from anybody else because this is my one stop shop for everything. If you haven't taken the leap and tried this place out yet then believe me you are missing out!

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ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ without question the best site to order from. Perfect all across the board. shipping , product selection , communication and overall quality ... also very user friendly site to navigate through. and tons of information for those who need it..

This site is far superior to any other site in this way . I have communicated through email and online support . I have never been left in the dark with A-S . You always have an open line of communication .You have that piece of mind which is awesome.

Packaging is discreet and products are packed tightly to avoid possible breakage in transit. My own experience is less than 2 weeks from order to delivery although A-S only guarantees 3 weeks. . Very fast shipping.

10x BD Deca 250

This may be some of the best Deca I have ever ran. I have broken numerous personal records since starting this Deca! Great boost of confidence, strength, aggression in the gym at 750 mg a week for 12 weeks alongside NPP. Am in my 10th week and have gained 16 pounds of lean muscle. I have a very fast metabolism so I never have shown any bloat. Acne was controlled with Aromasin as well as all other sides. This batch of British Dragon is dosed according to the mass specs posted! Amazing!!

This source is top notch. It has the largest selection of products out of any source ive seen so far. They have EVERYTHING you could ever need as a bodybuilder/athlete. You could honestly get everything you need to build a olympia level physique from them. Whether you have the genetics and knowledge is a different story, but they have it all. Great t/a and great prices. Order with confidence.

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Posts: 5 is the only source i order from no matter what they have the best products

online support all the time just ask what ever you want and get answer right away

very small packs and very discreet

1 x Dragontropin HGH 191aa (10 kits / 100iu)

beat quality using 5 ius a day no side affect good stuff

the best site ever buy without fear

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Let me just start by saying these guys are unreal. Ordered and received in ten days to the states. Great customer service and quick response time.

I had a few questions involving my two orders recently that i purchased and I had responses within a day.

Was able to track my entire order with tracking info and it was spot on.

Product quality feels amazing. I have yet to get blood work done but i am two weeks into my cycle and the pumps are insane.

I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking for gear.

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Placed several orders with and always received my gear with great T/A and all gear was 100% g2g.

BD Tren-e - Great product

BD Test-e 250 - Great product

British Dragon Tren-e 1000 - Great product!

BD Dbol - Great Product!

HCG - Got the boys bigger! Been using everything and it was all 100% g2g!

Will definitely continue using this source for life.

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Recently did another large order with I have been a loyal customer for 3 years. This package arrived fast, discreet and safe. It hasn’t even been a week and friends on the order have been raving and ranting to me about how the process is most definitely worth the wait (not inconvenient at all) from ordering, wiring, shipping etc!! Pregnyl HCG works wonders and it works fast. Cut Mix doesn’t burn when shooting and already see gains from it. I already see gains and from DP oral tren, DP Methyl1Test and methenolone primo tabs. I highly recommend! Another friend has seen good gains from the winny tabs and

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Posts: 8 has never let me down. I appreciate not having to wonder whether I got legit stuff. My usual time from order to receipt is about two weeks (Midwest US).

Communication is routinely prompt and direct. Only after you get the runaround from someone else do you really appreciate how important business-like communications are.

Packaging is decently adequate. I did receive a damaged package once, but after sending a phone pic of what I received, A-S sent an immediate replacement.

Just finished 8 weeks with lower-dose Anavar (10mg/d) and MHN (5mg/d), both sourced from I used the Dragon Pharma brand for both. Moderate dose HCG once a week, DAA every day. I also worked out each day without fail, alternating between hard weightlifting, intense core, and cardio. This is not a cycle for bulkers, but if you're looking for lean mass additions, real strength, vascularity, and a look that gets lots of comments - this is easy on your balls and a reliable and effective shred for your physique.

A-S is about as close to one-stop shopping as you're going to get. Price is always competitive.

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