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29/10/2019 6:35 pm  

thanks to roidsmall for there great services and delevery good packaging delivered all the to my door hvnt used the product yet but going by every one elses review tyey are good to go

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30/10/2019 2:46 pm  

I have to agree with the two comments below. I placed my order and sent money yesterday, two hours after receiving payment they emailed saying I would have a tracking # in 24 hrs. Well, I had the # in 24 showing my gear was shipped!! I must say they have great customer service and awesome shipping! Ill post again with an update when I receive the goods...

Thanks guys!!!

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31/10/2019 6:34 pm  

Purchased some products from roidsmall. Had my order within 3 days. Excellent delivery times and service.

Very swift and professional

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01/11/2019 11:40 am  

As usual no problems whatsoever , always very quick and specific details about your order , even when i email them asking about a promo they were having at the time the response came within 3 hours...

Packaging very discret and goods were fine: Test 250 and dianabol from Kalpa Pharmaeuticals

Extremely happy with this products so far i think will be my go to from now on , after being on dianabol from a diferent brand for a 9-10 days with little to no results as you should expect from good dianabol , this baby boys kicked in within 3 days , more vascular and thise insane pumps that the good D does , test little to no pip , real smooth ... Well measured , legit !

Def recomend this source !

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19/11/2019 8:58 pm  

Ordered some cutaxyl 150 by kalpa pharmaceuticals I'm at week 3 and already seeing gains and leaning out the order arrive within two days I have never had something delievered so fast it's amazing I will only be ordering from roidsmall from now on

Packaging was very discreet and bottles were kept from being broke it was awesome and very professional

On 3rd week test was kicking after week one it's an awesome product

I would recommend these guys to anyone

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21/11/2019 6:33 pm  

Have had several orders from roidsmall everything is always straight forward, items are received next day , i always ask to confirm if change has been recieved & they are quick to reply

Packaging was discreet no rattles and plenty of bubble wrap

1 ETERNUSS dianabol 50mg

2 ETERNUSS deca 400

2 ETERNUSS sustanon 450

1 ETERNUSS teste 400

2 Arimidex

1 strip of Viagra

The ETERNUSS dianabol gave me a good start and weight went up 16 pounds in the first two weeks at 50mg 1 tab a day and then upped it to 100mg on the last 2 week took liver aid as I did get abdominal pains in the last week but thinking it was due to upping the dosage I only ran dianabol for 4 weeks I ran deca at 600mg for 10 weeks & sustanon at 450mg for 10 weeks and the test 400 at 800mg for the last 5 weeks The deca & sustanon there was no actual pip was very easy and no pain and oil was clean no floating bits like chemgex I had got from a local gym. The gains I got from this cycle was brilliant was more muscle more fuller and more bulky about , strength was very insane I put on just over 2 stones but have held on to about a stone & half after cycle Overall I would recommend this lab and roidsmall to anyone and everybody.

The Viagra done the trick satisfied the lady for hours and kept the neighbours awake and kept going and pounding away

Thank You to roidsmall love the gear .Theres no problems leaving reviews for these guys even though I'm behind but will review more often

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28/11/2019 4:01 pm  

i used roidsmall for my first order of oxandrolone and chose kalpa pharma's oxandroxyl.

ordering went smooth, discrete and safe packaging

cycle-duration: 8 weeks

dosage: starting with 5 mg and increased to 15 mg daily product was effective - i made some noticeable gains. strength-gain, pumps and energy during the workouts were massive but i had some side-effects. once i reached 15 mg daily i began to develop some rather nasty acne all over my upper back and shoulders. still i finished my cycle and all pimples went away completely approx. 6 weeks after coming off the substance.

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15/01/2020 11:19 am  

Satisfied customer. My only go to source "RoidsMall". Never had a problem with products/service/communication

Every time i need to talk to him. He responds right away the responses always answered my questions completely and they encourage to ask anything without a hesitation.

I'm very pleases and happy with their packaging service. They always take great care in sending packages. Shipping time varies from 7-12 days

The products are very attractive - Stanoxyl and Testoxyl Prop. Strength is very unbelievable. Previously ran similar products from this source but a different brand. I Couldn't find a significant different in quality and potency though. Both brands are top notch. i have gained 4 lbs of lean tissue on this cycle and still counting I'm now on week 5. Strength is definitely going up week by week. Libido is super duper can't this anything but girls 😀 😀 Running high dosages test P.Conditioning is awesome. Now i am looking more muscular and bigger.

This is Amazing. This is my only source and hopefully will be. Every now and then i get some discount/promotions and free store credits due to being a loyal customer.

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20/01/2020 5:50 pm  

Fast delivery time, easy ordering process, extremely reliable products. (3rd time ordering from source) I don't see how I could order from anywhere else at this point. 5/5 stars from a quality/reliability stand point. Their customer service is great, but that does not factor into the 5/5 rating...I wouldn't care if they were rude as hell but delivered great gear...but they do both which is awesome.

I was extremely nervous about using online sources, but Roidsmall has blown me away. I reached out after I ordered to confirm, and they indeed got back to me within hours. They are indeed "legit" in their customer service.

Simple as can be. I ordered on Monday, received gear 3 days later.

This story is awesome!!! I have taken Anavar in the past but as I am very sensitive to DHT compounds, it is usually accompanied with head aches and a "cloudy" feeling which I dread...but since I like the compound I just suck it up. After first taking Kalpa's Oxandroxyl/Proviroxyl for 5 days I was convinced it was fake or under dosed as I felt no head aches/no cloudiness and obviously hadn't felt the var yet. I was kind of bummed until day 6 when I started feeling "harder" and now at day 23 I am blown away. The bicep vein which is hard for me to see is popping out, and my muscles are always hard. My mood and libido are extremely high. I'll admit this is my first time using Proviroxyl and that is what's most likely helping but either way this effect is far beyond placebo. I am happy to have found such a legit source. Thanks Roidsmall!!! Hope you stay around for a long long time man! (PS everyone, I am taking 75mg Oxandroxyl/Proviroxyl ED combined with clean diet to prep for a miami trip)

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21/01/2020 1:47 pm  

I have ordered Anavar from these guys, and the results were tremendous. Has helped me with keeping my strength while losing weight.

Was well packed, nothing seem to be sketchy.

Used the anavar doing cutting, and I was able to keep my strength gains while losing weight. My energy level was sky high, and I was satisfied with the results.

Definitely recommend ordering from these guys.

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28/01/2020 2:06 pm  

I have been using Roidsmall for several years now. they have been there through everything, and never failed to deliver. i know there was a time we all faced delivery issues, but they are in the past. things have been running smoothly for the past year and a half, and packages are shipped within a few days, and received in a couple weeks at the most

All gear is gtg and never a problem. its accurately dosed, sterile, and accurately labeled.

Never a delay and always hold true to their word.

Always arrives in a small discrete packages.

If they carry it, chances are ive ordered it. all oils and orals are accurately dosed and gtg,

The pharmaceutical drugs are all gtg as well.

You aren't going to find any better brands or prices.

The best available!

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05/03/2020 3:22 pm  

This is my 8th or 9th order with roidsmall. As always a pleasure to wok with and very good communication. Will certainly be continuing my business with them in the future.

I've never had any issues with communication or support. If I have any questions they always get back to me as soon as they can

Packaging is very good and discreet. I've even placed orders to countries with very very strict importing laws and have never had a problem receiving:

  • 10 bottles kalpa test p 100
  • 2 sachets clomixyl
  • 2 sachets nolvaxyl
  • 5 sachets oxandroxyl

I've been using kalpa porducts for some time now, and always get good results with any of their products. Very good strength gains while maintaining very very low body fat. Always dated with batch identity as well for verification.

Again, I don't know why you'd need to get gear anywhere else. It's very good and reliable gear. I highly recommend it!

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09/03/2020 10:49 am  

Roidsmall is the best hands down. Been using them for years and have never have a bad experience.

Bubble wrapped and discrete: Winni, Test p, Tren a, Proviron, Anavar

My wife and I got this for our cycle and needless to say it's been 5 weeks and we look like Greek gods!

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20/03/2020 2:15 pm  

Nothing but love for Roidsmall. These guys have been doing me well for years now. I don't review as much as I should and thought I was long overdue for a good post.

I highly recommend Roidsmall for everything you could want or need. I've only had 1 mishap over the past few years and when that happened Roidsmall gave me an entire order free to compensate! I could never talk bad about them.

Dragon Pharm Test E

Dragon Pharm Cut Mix

Dragon Pharm NPP

Dragon Pharm Nolva

Dragon Pharm Clomid

I used these products for a 12 week cut cycle leading into a Light Heavyweight bodybuilding show, just last weekend. I received every bit of the desired effects of this cycle and even more. I was able to lean out from 190lbs and 8% down to 180lbs and 3.4% when I hit the stage. This was a quality cut with some lean mass added in the process. This was achieved with an extremely strict diet and the Dragon Pharma products listed above.

I highly recommend Dragon Pharma as well as Roidsmall for your future purchases!

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30/04/2020 9:41 am  

Received 2 orders in a row from roidsmall and all i got to say is that its the only place i will go for anything i need. The customer service is great and I have used to their tickets system to ask some questions and have gotten a response within a day. The shipping and products are excellent and I am a very satisfied customer. Nolva and Test came without any problems and are both excellent products. Roidsmall is the best hands down. They have my business for life.

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