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Newbie to the world of gear.

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Hey people. First timer here sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot. I’m at kinda a crossroads here I’m thinking about starting a cycle something not to long just to help me get over this last hump. I was overweight I started this journey at 6’2 262lbs my goal was to get down to 210lbs I’m currently sitting at 222. I workout five days a week and been eating clean while utilizing intermittent fasting. It’s working for me it’s awesome. Bodyfat when I started was 31 right now it’s down to 24% so I still have a long way to go. I’m curious to what cycle does anyone recommend to help with the bodyfat and put on decent lean muscle? I know diet is key which I have that down pact. But I’m new to gear and trying to soak up any info I can. Thanks for the help.