Couple of questions about possible cycle  


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12/08/2019 2:40 pm  

I was wondering what peoples opinions of a cycle like D-bol and Test Prop over the course of 8 weeks would be, using fairly mild doses (ie 40mg of Dianoxyl-31347'>Dbol a day, 100mg prop eod). Rather not use test e because Id like to use compounds that have a shorter detection time.

Things Im wondering about are first of all, does anybody with experience of OT thing that it would better or equally good to use in there rather than dbol because Im looking to add lean muscle mass primarily, strenght is a secondary goal. Wouldnt want to use var because of the price.

and would using fast acting compounds like dbol and prop which would kick in very quickly rather than gradually building up over the course of 4 weeks or so be or would it be much more stressful on my body? Im currently around 200-203lbs and ~10% bodyfat. Thanks

Edit: Whatever oral I use I wouldnt use it longer than 6 weeks.


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