Please help with 1st cycle.  


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29/01/2020 12:58 am  

Hello more experienced users,
I have been lifting for 12 years natural, always with a good diet and I gathered over all these years good experience with training, diets, and steroids (never took but read lots about).
I'm 27 years old, 90Kg, 1,81m.
I always wanted to go "legal" so I tried many pro-hormones and I noticed that my body gets shut down quite easily!! Had no sex drive at all many times (whilst taking M1T) and bloating from them all.
So I decided being more open minded and start a real cycle with good PCT and keep gains on the safe way.
I'm not very keen on orals so my first cycle will be:

Week 1-8: test e 250mg twice a week
Week 1-12: Nolvadex 20mg every day
Week 3 and 6 only: HCG
Week 8 (or 9) only: proviron 50/25mg every day (for sex drive recovery)

- What do you guys think? (I know it's a lot of PCT but I have the feeling that boosting test will shut me down/lower natural production as it happened before with silly pro-hormones)
- I thought 500mg a week of Test E could be too much for a start so should I do 250mg a week for the 8 weeks or at least start with 250mg then jump to 500mg?
- Should I add clomid at any point?
- What dosage of HCG should I use?
- I've read on different books of first cycles with deca and Test E (mostly with Test E). In your opinion, is Test E the best one for a 1st cycle or I should change to 200mg weekly of Deca? Or Deca should be used on a 2nd cycle in addition do Test E (which I should do next time)?

Thanks a lot and I wish you all good growth!

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29/01/2020 1:24 am  

lets start with test dosage. Many will say that 500mg PW is a good starting point. HOneslty, when I was your age 250mg PW was a pretty effective cycle for me. You may want to start there and see how well you do.

With HCG you really have 2 options. YOu can run it through out your cycle at 250 IU 2X PW or run it the last 2 weeks that you are stilll on the test. I prefer to run it throughout myself.

Nolva, I run 20mg PD throughout. 7-10 days after your last injection I would bump it up to 40mg PD for 1 week then drop back to 20 PW for 3 more weeks.

Proviron I would not take as part of PCT. I do believe it is suppresive to HPTA function.