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02/10/2019 9:00 am  

hey everyone, im starting to think about my next cycle and wanted to know everyones opinion's.

350 mg Tren A ce a week
700 mg Test Prop a week
8 weeks with proper PCT
Ill use HCG threw-out E3D

shots either EOD or ED based on what recommendations i receive.

ive never used tren before and want to give it a shot.

ive done a cycle with 500mg test blend with 500mg deca per week with little to no gains so i need to find something that works

ive also done a 500mg Test Cyp with 500mg EQ/week with little or no gains.

i never used an anti-estrogen or a blocker so i dont know if that limited my gains but i want to give tren a try.

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02/10/2019 9:25 am  

This cycle is almost identical to the one i will be starting in about a week (just waiting for my goodies, haha). This is how i plan to run it:

1-9 Test P 150mg eod
1-8 Tren A 100mg eod
1-9 T-3 25-50mcg/day
1-9 Cabaser .5mg e3rd
1-(throughout pct) Aromasin 25mg/day
1-9 HCG 500iu 2x per week

As you can see i like to run test a little longer than other compounds in the cycle and i do this with all my cycles: test always ran at least one week longer than the other AAS. I recently finished a cycle with NPP (fast acting deca) and did not get the results i wanted. This is my second time using nandrolone and i have been disappointed with the results each time. The best compound is have ever used for lean mass and strength is tren, so i am going back to it..haha.

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02/10/2019 9:47 am  

Test Enanthate: 500mgs/wk
Eq or Deca: 400mgs/wk
Tren Ace: 37.5mgs/E3D or EOD
Oxandroxyl or Turanaxyl: 40-60mgs/ED (6wks)

of course run proper PCT...

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