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Primo & Winni Bridge Question

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I need some advise to give one of my buddys. He's wondering about using primo and Winstrol as a bridge. He's 5' - 7", 216 lbs, 31 years old, training for 16 years. He has plenty of cycles under his belt. Mostly Dbol, test, t400, EQ type cycles is the stuff he's done. His current cycle started with dbol 6 weeks then into T400 and Fina for a total of 12 weeks. Along with this he used Nolvadex. Coming to the end of the 12 weeks after he was planning on using Clomid, but had an idea to bridge with Pimobolon and Winstrol then use the Clomid after the Primo and Winni. 1 to try and keep more of his gains 2 not bottom out his test levels as much He has never used Primobolon or Winni but has seen my experiences with it and keeping almost all my gains, currently 5' - 10" 200 lbs with very minimal problems, i.e. limp dick, muscle loss, ball shrinkage, sex drive loss, stuff like that. One thought I had is are his receptors possibly too overloaded with the other gear for the less potent Primo to really effect anything? Any thoughts, personal experiences or advise would be great, thanks bros. Leo17