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Towards the end

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Alright bros. Week8 coming to an end of a 10 week cycle.
My cycle consists of .75mg ed of axio test prop wk 1-10. wk 1-6 axio winny 50mg ed. wk 1-10 HCG 500iu every wed and sat.. Wk 1-10 arimidex. Pct is wk 1-3 clomid 100mg. wk1-6 aromasin. I am ver pleased with what has become. I was already shredded. What I was looking to do was get more hard lean muscle. I started the cycle at 159 lbs and right now I am at 170lb. I ran cardio like i have been doing 5 days a week at 3.5 miles a day. I also ran eca for awhile with it. My diet is clean on a normal basis. I have what the bodybuilding world calls a cheat day. Where I would eat what i want. Once a week. Didnt hurt me. My body is looking better than it ever did. I noticed when I got off the winny the super shredded look kind of went away. My question is when can I start again gonna run the same cycle over. I know I have to break for awhile. But want to run the same cycle again and soon as possible. I feel like a human pin cushion. I have never been hornier than I am now. My body is cut like a champ.