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effects of sleep deprivation  


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10/06/2020 7:09 am  

we all know this, here is a summary:



Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2010;23(1):95-114.

Consequences of sleep deprivation.
Orzeł-Gryglewska J.

Department of Animal Physiology, University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, Poland.

This paper presents the history of research and the results of recent studies on the effects of sleep deprivation in animals and humans. Humans can bear several days of continuous sleeplessness, experiencing deterioration in wellbeing and effectiveness; however, also a shorter reduction in the sleep time may lead to deteriorated functioning. Sleeplessness accounts for impaired perception, difficulties in keeping concentration, vision disturbances, slower reactions, as well as the appearance of microepisodes of sleep during wakefulness which lead to lower capabilities and efficiency of task performance and to increased number of errors. Sleep deprivation results in poor memorizing, schematic thinking, which yields wrong decisions, and emotional disturbances such as deteriorated interpersonal responses and increased aggressiveness. The symptoms are accompanied by brain tissue hypometabolism, particularly in the thalamus, prefrontal, frontal and occipital cortex and motor speech centres. Sleep deficiency intensifies muscle tonus and coexisting tremor, speech performance becomes monotonous and unclear, and sensitivity to pain is higher. Sleeplessness also relates to the changes in the immune response and the pattern of hormonal secretion, of the growth hormone in particular. The risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease increases. The impairment of performance which is caused by 20-25 hours of sleeplessness is comparable to that after ethanol intoxication at the level of 0.10% blood alcohol concentration. The consequences of chronic sleep reduction or a shallow sleep repeated for several days tend to accumulate and resemble the effects of acute sleep deprivation lasting several dozen hours. At work, such effects hinder proper performance of many essential tasks and in extreme situations (machine operation or vehicle driving), sleep loss may be hazardous to the worker and his/her environment.

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All that and seriously hinders wo recovery.

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if you are anticipating the next phase of personal growth, this is worth a read.


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10/06/2020 8:24 am  

first step, identify the problem.


And we'll collect the moments one by one. I guess that's how the future's done. Feist, "Mushaboom", 2005

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Posted by: rmartin345
Gone seven days without sleep, and by the seventh day I was crazy bat shit. I can not remember what I did that day final,but I have some backtracking to keep a mouse and clicking on a loading screen, shouting at a dog that was not theirs , and sees new hands tremble.The human mind can go ten days without sleep before the risk of death in the image your brain has to reach REM recharge and repair itself. Be careful with sleep if it does not now come back to you later. He has been associated with everything from heart disease and psychosis.

Jeez, what drugs were you on? I've done a few days before and it's an effin' terrible feeling! Then again, had some amazing memories...

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10/06/2020 9:40 am  

Why would I wanna sleep when I stay up all night sucking on the necks of young virgins ....

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