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In my younger days, fish oil alone-6 to 9 gms per day helped with joint pain. It might also help to confine your aerobics to cycling and swimming with your current weight. Or walk on the treadmill. No street running or jogging. This is really hard on the knees. Learn to do compound exercises for your legs and back: squats, dead lifts. If you go to gym, don't be afraid to ask one of the more experienced lifters to watch your form.

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I have noticed that even when I use the "squat machine" or the Hip Sled that my knees will hurt way before I ever reach a signifcate weight to bother my muscles. I have been trying to get in high rep sets at lower weights to tone my muscles, but my knees have been a limiting factor. On the Hipsled I was only able to do 360 pounds at about 10 reps before my knees said "ENOUGH."

I rather worried about this. I used to be able to do over 400 with no problems. (If these number are inflated, keep in mindy my body frame.)

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Your body frame doesn't make that big a difference when your muscles and tendons have not been exercised for a while. Especially in the begining, you need to listen to your body and ignore your ego. You may have been incredibly strong in high school, but if you haven't lifted since your muscles and tendons are not used to the work load and need to be eased into the process. Reduce your weight way down for a couple of week and give your body time to aclemate to the exercises. Then add weight gradually.

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