Will GH and/or IGF-1 heal brain/nerve damage?  


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29/07/2018 5:37 pm  

I am still friends and occasionally, lovers, with my ex-fiance. She fell about 30 feet onto concrete 17 years ago and suffered a closed head injury that resulted in some paralysis, loss of feeling, and loss of range of motion and dexterity on her left side.

She spent 7 months in the hospital, a year in a special home, etc. This was years before I knew her.

For example, she was a hairdresser before the accident and could not resume that afterward because her left hand lost dexterity and strength. It tends to "curl up" and she has her sons open and stretch her fingers out. She was a distance runner but really can't run now.

She later became a personal trainer and made great progress but would love to improve further as this still represents a substantial handicap.

Someone suggested (and I tend to agree) that growth hormone supplementation might help her. I'm thinking HGH and/or IGF Long R3 might repair and/or regenerate damaged brain and nerve tissue.

Does anyone have any knowledge or research on the subject?

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it might work. I did not find and clear references but there are certainly some talking about the sciatic nerve and this one.


Acta Paediatr Scand Suppl. 1990;367:63-6. Related Articles, Links

Anabolic and tissue repair functions of recombinant insulin-like growth factor I.

Skottner A, Arrhenius-Nyberg V, Kanje M, Fryklund L.

Kabi Peptide Hormones, Stockholm, Sweden.

Recombinant human insulin-like growth factor I (rhIGF-I) has been produced in yeast and purified using conventional biochemical techniques. It has been shown to have receptor-binding properties and in vitro growth-promoting activities comparable to those of plasma-derived IGF-I. The anabolic actions of IGF-I can be studied using both systemic and local administration in vivo. The growth-promoting activity and systemic anabolic actions of recombinant IGF-I were studied in mutant dwarf rats. IGF-I was infused intravenously for 9 days and resulted in a significant gain in body weight and significant bone growth, though the effects were not as great as those observed with human growth hormone (hGH). IGF-I also had selective effects on specific organs which were not observed in hGH-treated animals. The results indicate that the growth-promoting effects of IGF-I show a different pattern compared to hGH. The effects of local administration of recombinant IGF-I on tissue regeneration and maintenance were also studied in hypophysectomized and normal rats. After hypophysectomy, the regeneration processes were impaired when both peripheral nerve regeneration and incision wound healing were considered. The results indicate that local administration could have significant effects on regeneration of, for example, peripheral nerves.

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Good read!

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