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Is gyno always preceded by itchy nips?

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Here's a question for guys sensitive to gyno.

I got very mild gyno from puberty, however I've been able to use moderate doses of test (500mg), test with deca(500/500) and trenbolone without any sort of sensitive/itchy nips. It's hard to tell if the gyno was made worse or not-- When I'm at higher BF, it is more apparent. When I get lean, it becomes very minimal.

Has anyone ever developed gyno without warning by way of itchy or sensitive nips?

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That is only one sign of gyno. As with any condition you may develop problems at any time with all, some, or possibly none of the symptoms.

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I never experienced itchy nipples before the formation of small lumps.

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Small, painful lumps always made me aware of it...I've never noticed itchy nips.

Although my sex drive is usually through the roof, I do notice that it gets fucking ridiculous (no other way to explain it) when my estrogen shoots up. It's way out of the ordinary, even for being on a test only cycle. That's another thing I noticed, but it's hard to spot until you run into issues a few times.

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