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In this thread you are welcomed to share your personal experience with Axiolabs Laboratories brand products, by leaving a review below. You can purchase their products from a legit Axiolabs supplier.

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Review on Trenaplex Enanthate 200: Love this product! Used after bulking for 7 weeks and it hit me hard and fast. I had daily transformations, Hard as a rock, libido was through the damn roof I would recommend this product I would try some of their other products if I could

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12 week cycle of test cyp and 6 weeks of tren ace. Ran the test at 500/ week split in two doses for the first 4 weeks then dropped the test to 200/ week and started the tren at 100 eod for the 6 weeks. After the tren was gone upped the test back to 500/ week for the last two weeks. Started pct 2 weeks after last pin. Had some brand x nolvadex a friend gave me. Had a total of 50 tabs ran this 2 a day for the first 2 weeks then one a day until all tabs were gone.

I am 29 years old this was my first cycle had great gains on this Axiolabs gear. Had been lifting seriously for a year prior to getting on and started at 6' 150lbs got to 180lbs natty and got to 215lbs at the end of the cycle and held 205 after pct. Stayed around 200lbs after three months off. Very pleased.

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Pinned test e monday wednday friday . started at 250 and at week 8 i tapered up to 1000mg weekly.tren e started at 200 once a week then tapered to 500 . dbol ran 40 mg for last 4 weeks of cycle . gained 16 lbs solid muscle ripped up and was probably my best cycle on getting thefts results. i seen my body change tremedously and the trend holy fuck do you get strong i went from benching 275 repping 3-5 times , to 355 1 time!

if you haven't tried anything else besides geneza products, i highly recommend to pull the trigger on axiolabs ! cheaper and in my opinion better quality ! I've always been a fairly big guy buy since i started anabolic and haven't used any other products besides axiolabs I've became a fucking monster!

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 I went with the same pre-design stack that I had use previously with great results. The stack consists of items0: 2 x Axio Test Cyp 250, 2 x Axio Methan10, 2 x Axio Anastrozole

Cycle Length and layout: Length 10 weeks

Weeks 1-4  Methan10 40 mg per day
Weeks 1-10 500mg Test Cyp per week
Weeks 1-10  Anastrozole 5 mg per day (continue to run this for 10 days after cycle)

It's a perfect stack for me and gives me really good gains that stick around long after I'm off cycle. The quality of the product is top notch and the costumer service is great. I recommend Axiolabs based upon my multiple successful orders and good quality gains.

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Everything, and I mean everything is great quality. Eq has gotten me strong and vascular . Sustanon has gave me huge strength and size. Primobolan has made me literally like a rock. Excellent gear.

Don't hesitate to order from Axiolabs. Top notch place .

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The Sustaplex 350 is my favorite test product. I could definitely tell the Acetate and Prop of the Sust kick in.

The Mastoplex 200 is my favorite Mast product, due to their formula contains 200 mg of Enanthate, so you get some quicker benefit. The mast got me that hard and defined look I was looking for.

All products did what they were supposed to do, as I stated above. I used these products for 16 weeks.