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In this thread you are welcomed to share your personal experience with Axiolabs Laboratories brand products, by leaving a review below. You can purchase their products from a legit Axiolabs supplier.

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Review on Trenaplex Enanthate 200: Love this product! Used after bulking for 7 weeks and it hit me hard and fast. I had daily transformations, Hard as a rock, libido was through the damn roof I would recommend this product I would try some of their other products if I could

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12 week cycle of test cyp and 6 weeks of tren ace. Ran the test at 500/ week split in two doses for the first 4 weeks then dropped the test to 200/ week and started the tren at 100 eod for the 6 weeks. After the tren was gone upped the test back to 500/ week for the last two weeks. Started pct 2 weeks after last pin. Had some brand x nolvadex a friend gave me. Had a total of 50 tabs ran this 2 a day for the first 2 weeks then one a day until all tabs were gone.

I am 29 years old this was my first cycle had great gains on this Axiolabs gear. Had been lifting seriously for a year prior to getting on and started at 6' 150lbs got to 180lbs natty and got to 215lbs at the end of the cycle and held 205 after pct. Stayed around 200lbs after three months off. Very pleased.