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[Sticky] Axiolabs Reviews

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Even though it sucks, I would rather have bunk gear that's safe than get an abcess from something not sterile. Let's keep perspective here, we are buying injectable steroids from the internet and so far the only problem is maybe a bad cycle.

That said, I would hate to run bunk test with a strong nandrolone...... Yikes!

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Posted by: kimble007
okay, so everybody is in agreeance that Axio's ONLY bad/underdosed product was their test enanthate and Sustaplex?

Bro I ran test e most of this summer due to not getting prop and there was no problem with it i made great gains. I think a lot of this is blown way up out of proportion but I can vouche for test e

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Have received Test Prop from Axiolabs, and I have admit that It went smooth and no PIP. Increased strength and mass gains.

Used for 3 weeks and have notice increased in strength and mass. PIP wasn't that bad.

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Everything so far has been top notch. IMO, Axiolabs is the most trustworthy product on the market.

Their PCT products work great. Their ADEX is always easy to manage and all of the oils are top tier.

Test-e built up nicely. Prop pins perfect.

Tren-e was a thick red/crimson and reminds me of the old school oil.

Bold didn't give any pip and worked nicely (past cycle).

Clen worked great. Obvious sides were present.

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Using Axio d bol 50mg per days for kick start the cycle and test e 750 mg deca 500mg per weeks been 4 weeks and gain 15 lbs and all exercise was improve chest press from 205 lbs to 255 lbs leg press from 1000lbs to 1200 lbs . Using exemestane 12.5 mg per days to reduces all the side , and it work very well !

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Friend is loving the testaplex E and decaplex and Dbol. Getting strong and adding some nice size

The testP and testE pins smooth and is giving me the libido of a teen again. Feeling 15 yrs younger.

Wife is loving the Anavar. Adding some lean muscle

If you haven't tried Axiolabs need to give them a try.

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