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This is my fourth time ordering from MassRoids, and they've delivered on every count. 100% success rate through the customs so far, T/A is always under 3 weeks. Its pretty amazing how well the business is run and the gear is always legit.

The website is user friendly, with very detailed instructions on payment procedures. I've never had to communicate with the MassRoids team since I've never had any issues with ordering from them.

The package fooled me, at first. It was in a very plain brown box that was taped shut. Inside it was well wrapped with foam and plastic, after each sachet of pills were rubber banded tight to save space. This is the type of packaging that would discourage over zealous or curious customs officers to open. The packages are always small and inconspicuous, I've never received damaged goods from MassRoids.

10 x KP Anavar,

2 x KP Clomid,

2 x KP Nolva,

4 x Besin Androgel

The Anavar gave me a very nice strength boost in a caloric deficit, even on a pathetic dosage of 50mg. It wasn't until I came off the var for 3 weeks did I realize just how much strength I was getting. Warm up weights on cycle became a genuine struggle when I had come off. The PCT was purchased just in case, but for the low dosage of this cycle it was completely not needed, therefore I can't comment on the quality of those. The Androgel was used in supplementation of the Anavar, due to its lower concentration it wasn't as good of a test base but I could definitely feel the effects, compared to Anavar alone.

The Anavar and Androgel is on sale right now from MassRoids, and im looking to make a reorder with test C with a more ambitious cycle in mind. I originally found from and ever since then I have been ordering from MassRoids only. Their sales and normal prices are competitive, and so far i'm 100% satisfied with each order i've made with them.

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My last order came in 8 days so it looks like TA is pretty good now. But even the three weeks it used to be isn't that bad considering the quality of what you get - just plan ahead like you should anyways. As well, they do have a new 3 day US domestic service, which I heard from two different friends, delivers as stated. Packaging is very professional and has multiple layers for security. Never had any damage, nor any problems with receiving the products.Let me just start off by saying, MassRoids is the way to go. It was by far the smoothest transaction I have ever made, when dealing with an online source. I have ordered from several other places and there was always some type of problem or delay with my order, however, with mass, that didn’t happen.Never have a bad thing to say about mass. They are very friendly and my orders are always complete and are here within 10 days. I have only gone with their Axio products and they are 100% legit. Obviously the test prop has some sting to it, but thats something ive always noticed with it. D bol is awesome, can definitely feel it working. Will recommend these guys to anyone

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Well deserved review. Ordered some tne, tren. And dbol. I'm setting up a blast in the next week or so, so the tren and dbol are on standby till then, but the tne is out of this world!!!!

I take it on leg days and the pumps on my quads are fire!!!. The smell is overwhelming in My small bathroom. Will be leaving a great review in a few weeks for the rest. Thanx massroids for the goodies.

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I placed my first order with Massroids to see how it went. Needless to say I was pleased. My order was small and got seized but they still re shipped without a fuss. I will definitely recommend and order from Massroids again.

As I said above my order was siezed. I messaged them and they got right back to me. All I had to do was give them a link to a copy of seizure letter. They re shipped right away.

T/A was good even with re ship. Packaging was low key.

Used Caber w Test Enth, Deca and Dbol. Caber was needed for Deca sides. It was my first time running Deca 400 mg week split in two doses. Ran .5 every other day along w Anastrozol for 15 weeks. Had no sides what so ever, libido was strong Caber was on point.

Can't wait to run my next cycle.

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