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Been off for 10 days

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Guys, Becuase I beleived that my receptor sites were saturated (I was making slower gains) I stopped taking 600mg test + 300mg of deca. I stopped about 10 days ago. Now that I have read up on this subject, it may be that I do not need to stop at all, and that I should probably go back on. If I am going back on...then I have a few questions.. 1. Do I keep the same dosages (as stated above, I was making slower gains) 2. Will I still have to wait the usual 4 weeks for the test to kick in, or should it start right back up where I left off, as it was only 10 days ago that I stopped. 3. I heard of a guy going on for 9 months straight...can anyone elighten me on the dangers of doing the same?

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How long were u on for? if u were already on for 8 or more weeks than i'd just go recover, and save the rest of the gear for 8 weeks from now, and do cycle number 2.

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This what DC recommends 4 weeks at full blast and 2 weeks crusing at 300 to 400mg of test taking the clomid and then repeat..