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Oral Alternatives

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I have been working out for a few years and in pretty good shape. I would like to add some overall size, especially in the arms and chest. I have seen many different sites with mild to wild claims about their products. Can anyone advise if the so called steroid alternative actually work or is that stuff just a waste of money?

I am 45 years old and I regularly take supplements from the local vitamin store.

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Most of the steroid alternatives are prohormones or otc supplements designed to raise test levels. Most are heinously overpriced and overmarketed. I would say they are a waste of money and there are much better supplements and the real things is actually cheaper.

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I tend to agree. DHEA did more for me than andro did.

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make sure you really trash your chest anmd arms if you want them to grow with adequate rest days. the best supplement for adding size is FOOOD!

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High quality frequent food...winner.

and patience

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Most alternatives to steroids will not do what they claim.. at least such has been my experience, and that of most people I know...

At this point in my life, where wasting money around is not an option, I would never play with those so called alternatives; and instead use the real thing, or just stay natural...

At your age, Hormone Replacement Therapy might be an option, so don't forget that alternative.