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Rogaine and Body Weight

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after long reading about rogaine I decided to give it a try in a foam. the booklet says that it might cause unwanted weight gain and edema. I tried for 2 months ( I have genetic alopecia). my body fat going up from 9% to 20% and I lost more hair than before I started. I finally stopped it last week and use mesotheraphy and my hair start to grow back. scaryyy.BTW my weight went up from 145 to 160 with exactly the same diet and excercise.

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i can see a message in there somewhere!


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I've been using Rogaine on and off for several years. No weight gain and hair loss stabilized. I have had actual regrowth in certain areas.

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I use it low dose, can't say I noticed anything.

I just thought it's a good idea if I run test every now and then, to use it. I have slight hairloss, btu not bad. but much easier to try and prevent than to regrow.