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Surgery Dilema

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I've been planning on running a Dbol/test/deca stack for about three months and all of a sudden I had to have surgery on my right hand and the doc said no upper body weight training for 2-3 months. Is it worth still running the juice and just train my legs, abs and core? My lower body is smaller than my upper body. And if I did how many times a week could I train my lower body without overtraining?

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The answer to your question depends largely on your goals.

Even if I couldn't do bench press, I would only have one deadlift and one squat session/week. Anything more would be counterproductive for me.

You allowed to do anything that doesn't involve your right hand? So that you can still do abs, 45 degree hypers, GHR, etc?

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It may be what you need in order for your legs to catch up to your upper body.

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What kind of injury did you have Luther? And how did it happen?

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Can you still lift with the left hand? I have broken my right hand a couple of times and trained just my left side, I have read studies that say there is a carry over.

It is far from ideal, but better than nothing.

As far as the stack, I personally ran 500mg of test while I was injured just to try and hold on to my mass while training was impaired. IMO there is no point going on a proper stack and trying to gain, save it untill your 100%.