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was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on using t400 for cutting whether good or bad. Will be using it with clen then some winny. Thanks

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I would not use any Testosterone for cutting. Your diet and cardio work is the key to cutting fat. Reducing you calorie count by 500 calories per day for one-week will result in a loss of one pound of fat. If you still feel that you need to use drugs then any of the following will help. Oxandrolone Deca Winstrol Equipoise Primobolan depot Trenbol Clenbuterol Cynomel cachapa

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I disagree totally but thats just me.... T400 is a bad choice for cutting though, way too much bloat atleast for me. I've used the stuff twice and wasnt impressed with the results either time. Point in case, its cheap test, you get what you buy.... Stick with prop for cutting... RD