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THG what is it?  

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26/08/2018 5:23 am  

I've never been able to find any technical data on DMT. A post on William Llewellyn's site

claims it is simply the detrimethylsilylated version of Madol. I can't vouch for that. It's worth visiting the link above however to learn more about madol (and perhaps DMT).

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26/08/2018 6:05 am  

AFAIK, DMT has been sold by ALRI (L.Rea's company) - I think it was in Ergomax.

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26/08/2018 6:48 am  
Posted by: omnibus
AFAIK, DMT has been sold by ALRI (L.Rea's company) - I think it was in Ergomax.

its still being sold... "e...max" and Phera-plex are DMT. check any bodybuilding site, they are probably selling it. superdrol as well.

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26/08/2018 7:41 am  

Sorry to hijack the thread, but does anyone have an opinion on MENT?

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26/08/2018 8:37 am  
Posted by: JGUNS
Maybe I missed it but so what is the half life? It degrades very quickly I understand.

The thing I find most striking about it is that while it is no doubt a powerful drug.. mg for mg it is the most powerful steroid available, it's progestenic nature is a HUGE drawback. personally, i wouldn't want to use it.

It only degrades in the GC/MS process, not in the body. Likening it to gestrinone may not be the best comparison. It basically differs from gestrinone by the fact that its ethinyl group is now an ethyl group (4 hydrogens added, hence tetrahydrogestrinone).

Apart from the added carbon at position 18 and 20, this would make it like metribolone (methyltrienolone, R1881). The 17alpha methyl turning to 17 alpha ethyl should have relatively little impact, as we can see with methandrolone and ethandrolone. So the best comparison to make is actually to metribolone. Very strong androgen, very strong progestin (both triene structure and 17 alpha alkyl group increase PR binding, cfr Ojasoo and Raynaud, 1978) and used in very low doses due to extreme hepatoxicity. Same study seems to suggest that a C13 homologation (13 methyl to 13 ethyl for example) has no effect on PR binding for androgens. So likely the in vivo progestational nature is similar to that of metribolone as well (which is incredibly high though). The C13 homologation does seem to increase GR binding, so it is probably quite a potent cortisol blocker as well.

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