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Tren/prop question

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Getting ready to start my tren/prop cycle in February. I'd like to run the Fina at 75mg/EOD and the prop at 500mg/w.. this will be my 5th cycle, but my first in well over a year. Did some massive cycles and got similar results to my low dose stacks of the past, just wasted a lot of $. My question about tren is, who makes a better product... Quest Labs Quality Vet Because of my military situation, I have decided to fork up the money and pay for pre-made tren this time around. There appear to be a lot of guys ordering bathtub brew from "sources" that make the shit for you, then ship it... but I don't think I trust anyone to do that. A label, a brand name... maybe. What do you think? What's a better product? thanks

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Name brand tren is always expensive. and there are plent of Ug people that make it and make it very good. QV has had a good rep but i still say you check into a UG supplier.. 100mg 20ml for $70 vs 20ml from Name brand for $175+

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finamax from bruce lee..

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QV worked nice for me....