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Veins too much?

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I am on week 3 of my test only cycle of 750mg of sus per week, I decided this time around to eat clean all teh way through to keep my gains visible and basically I hate being fat, I know that my gains will be a bit slower but the issue is not gains, that part is fine, but, I am getting veiny as hell, when Im at the gym I feel like a freak, neck sholders and arms look like their gonna pop,, especially one in my left forearm about the size of a dime that pops out big time,, I always used to strive for anabolic state and veins know my arms and hands look mad freakish at times,, I guess itl go away alot when I come off, Input?,, experience?

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I love veins. Sadly it will go away off cycle. This summer on fina and masteron with prop/susp I was freaky veiny. It rocked especially during DB curls. My delts and bi's looked sick---I LOVED IT!!! Best I ever looked. It might not be for everyone i guess. But all the extra veins definalty made me look bigger then I was. My weight was only 200lbs.

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I name all my veins and have a close relationship with every one of them......untill I bulk, then they go away.

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veins are cool

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theres this black guy at my gym at ucsb who is absolutely fuckingn ripped as in cut but hes not huge or anything. probably the same size as me and im 6'3 200 but every single muscle is fucking defined so perfect. i can' t help and stare and wish my arms and body were that cut. im natural and was wondering do you think its genetics with him because hes not big but hes cutting with aas?

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veins along with dry striated muscles rock!