IM fe "cycle"  


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10/12/2019 7:04 pm  

Bros this is the protocol and the lab tests that I did with the im fe.

For three months I wass taking 2X100mg ed of fe pills with plenty C, third month 3X100mg. Then lab tests.

Obviously I don’t absorb elemental fe.
The high hct is ,maby , because of the test cycle (14th week).

Then I cut the pills and I start the im fe.
Brand name is Hemafer, ferric hydroxide polymaltose complex, the same fe type as the pills but different brand name (ferrum haussman).

Day 1 100mg (2ml)
Day 2 100mg (2ml)
Day 3 100mg (2ml)
Day 4 100mg (2ml)
Day 5 100mg (2ml)
Day 6 100mg (2ml) At the 6th day lab test .Ferritin ___222

Day 14 100mg (2ml)
Day 21 50mg (2ml)
Day 35 100mg (2ml)At the 35th day lab test . Ferritin___111 ,total test___5.3 (on clomid for 50 days ,post test cycle)

Day 41 100mg (2ml)
Day 42 100mg (2ml)
Day 43 100mg (2ml)
Day 44 100mg (2ml)lab test. Ferritin 162, Transferrin saturation 54%, hct 44.1 hgb 15.3 (1st day of e cycle)
Day 45 100mg (2ml)

As a conclusion I have to say that im fe is much better than elemental not only because of the lab tests results but -more important –they are milder to your intestinal and liver.
Now that I am on e cycle(10kiu p/w frontloading) I am planning 3X100mg Fe im p/w as mtrack suggests. testEster