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clenbutaplex: Underdosed??

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Hey all. I just recieved my clen 40mcg tablets. Its been quite a while since my last clen cycle and I hate to say but it seems as thought these tablets may be underdosed....For those of you who have experience with them. What is your opinion of the clenbutaplex product. First couple of days I started with half a tab< 20mcg< three times a day. Then up to a 40mcg first two doses followed by two doses of 20mg for a total of 120mg per day. This is where I am now and I just barely get any sides, shakes or hot spells. Opinions or suggestions. Thank you all...cache....

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not using it right and receptors are blown out

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Yeah i am using some of the clenbutaplex. It is certainly not underdosed.
I was upto 80mcg a day and had to retreat to 60mcg because I couldnt handle the anxiety and nervousness. any little concern and I became a nervous wreck.

I would say it is at least as powerful as the old spiropent stuff--and i am taking into account the clenplex pill is twice as potent.

I suggest let it settle in your system and dont start chewing clen like mints because you dont feel anything b/c i am sure it will kick in.

Or, you might not be as sensitive as others.