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i have never used t3 yet and need some help. i have been on the keto diet for about 8 weeks and have now hit a sticking point. i need to know if t3 effects your heart rate and gives you the shakes like eca or clen. reason is, is because i have to run a 2 mile run for time here in about 4 weeks. and when i'm on eca or clen, they both seem to have a huge negative effect on my endurance beacause of the shakes and shortness of breath. i want to give t3 a try but only if doesn't give me all the negative sides like clen and eca give me. if any one could give me any first hand info.... i'm wanting to use the liquid form..i'm 220 at around 15% body fat would like to get to 205 within four weeks hopefully with minimum muscle loss if any...