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3 boards 550x2 (funny story, had a newbie hold the boards and he tried to put them right on my chest before I really set up. With the way I set up I would have taken a shot to the chin so I told him to let me set up--yelled it I guess 😀 . Well, I took the weight out of the rack never realizing the boards weren't on my chest. As I am holding up the 550 I'm yelling at him to put the fucking boards down. Fortunately I crushed it for a double with no air in me whatsover.) Shirt bench 620x2 Rack lockouts 585x1 My weight is down to about 291 and I started to catch a cold, but I am still pleased with my strength. When I lose another 5 lbs. I should be in striking distance for the 275's. *Does anyone know how to properly use lasix and an iv bag for making weight? Any help would be appreciated.