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Any swim coaches/swimmers here  


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01/10/2019 7:03 pm  

Really pissed of at the my pool right now. Every-time there have been lap swim times (which at my YMCA are limited) a high school swim team shows up along with a coach and take every lane. Not only every lane but 3-4 per lane.

Is it legal for swim teams to have organized practices off-season. Was hoping somebody on Kalpa might have some insight or know where I could find out the info. Want as much info I can get before I approach the coach and the YMCA administrator's. Any thoughts?

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01/10/2019 7:28 pm  

I played HS football and it was certainly illegal to have out of season practices, especially with a coach there, and the same went for college. Even so, we always did it anyway.

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