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BB competition in a year, need advice please  


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18/09/2020 2:57 pm  

Well to get straight to the point, there is a BB competition in a year from now and I want to do it. I went to one a few weekends ago and it motivated the hell out of me. I figure I been working out for years, might as well show it off. Anyways, since I have a whole year I want to get as much advice as possible. I have no idea where to start. My stats right now: I’m 6’1 230 and about 11-12% bf (haven’t gotten tested in a few months but I was down to 6% over the summer and haven’t gained too much).

I figure I’ll probably be in with the heavyweights. But I really want to put on some more size to compete with those big guys. So I want to squeeze in as many cycles as I can and just eat like a beast for about 7 months. I really want to get to about 250 (I know it’s a stretch, but I think it’s doable) so I can lean down about 215-220 for the competition.

So any advice anyone can give me would be great. I’m no rookie, I’ve been bodybuilding for about 8 years, but I feel like I do need advice when it comes to competitions. So if anyone can help me out, maybe give me a timeline of what to do and when to do it. What cycles to run, dieting (for size). Anything that anyone has done that has helped them. I would really appreciate all the advice I can possible get here. I will have help with guys at the gym, but I feel like the knowledge on this board is unbeatable.
So again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. A timeline of when to start bulking, when to start leaning, what cycles, etc., all that would help.

Thanks, and sorry for the long post…

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18/09/2020 3:14 pm  

what lever are you competing? what amount of money are you going to be allowing yourself to blow? what level of conditioning are you willing to come into?
basically it comes down to how deep your pockets are and what you are willing to do to your body.
furthermore i doubt your guestimate on bf is even close to accurate. even if it were and you could come into sub 5-4% depending on muscle shape, length, insertion points, etc you still could get stomped. if you want any help you are going to need to post pics.
and yes, you are a rookie, actually less than that as you have never competed. you have not been bodybuilding for 8 years you have been lifting weights for 8 years, unless of course you have competed before then your entire post was worded wrong

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18/09/2020 3:30 pm  

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the response. I’ll try to answer all your questions:
Not sure what level it is, I can definitely find out, but it is a local one that they do every year. This year there were some people that came from out of state, so it got pretty competitive.
As far as money goes, I’m not rich, but definitely comfortable spending what I need to spend.
As far as what I’m willing to do to my body: damn near everything. Been cycling for a while now, and I’m no stranger to it. I have not and not sure if I’m willing to try HGH.

I will try to post some pics later on this week.

Thanks again…

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05/10/2020 3:13 pm  

Completely agree with you.