How I Squatted 830 Drug free  


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By “Future”

I used a Westside barbell template. Basically, I wasn't satisfied totally so I tweaked things to fit what I wanted.

Monday: Squat Max Effort Day

This ALWAYS was a squatting day. The only thing I varied was my form positioning, depth and bar positioning. I used Steps from a step class and rubber pads along with a tape measure to keep track of my heights. I would NEVER pause. Just to feel pressure from the box letting me know I was where I needed to be and back up to position. I usually did about 15 sets with warm ups etc.

Next I would hit good mornings for 3-5 sets. Usually I would only do sets of 8-10 but sometimes I went heavier.

Next, reverse hypers or back extension. 4 sets of 10

Finally, 2 sets of 20 reps on leg extensions.


Friday: Dynamic Squat or Speed Day (NOT FUN!)

This day I would squat on a 10" box with around 405-495 and pause each rep briefly ALTHOUGH STAYING TIGHT and then firing up. I did this slightly different than what I had read about but after doing it wrong I found it really was helping me. I would do 12 sets. I would rest 30 seconds between each set! I was cooked!!!

Then I would possible go heavy on good mornings. Usually I would do the same protocol as I trained on Monday with only slight variations depending on how I felt. If my lower back was tired, I would skip GM's and doing ham curls. I would sometimes do leg presses but I usually stuck with high rep leg extensions at the end. Sometimes I would do some rack lock outs if I had the energy.

My off days I would stretch A LOT and spend time in a tub. Every Friday I see a massage therapist as well.

I trained my abs nearly every day. My favorite thing was doing decline sit-ups with 4 45's.

Obviously, to train this hard and this much my diet was PERFECT. But this gives you an idea of what I did to squat 830 weighing just 238.


I don't think I could EVER go through what I did during that time. It was very hard on my body. I usually was limping on my way out of the gym. Often getting sick. But yeah, it worked. The biggest thing that helped was being attentive to my recovery. I took hot and cold showers right after training, hot tub therapy on my off days, and a massage. I have an industrial massager at home for my back and I stretched all the time.

I wouldn't recommend someone try this. If you do...scale it back and find what fits for your recovery because I built up to it.


My diet during that time:

Lots of protein. I had to stay in my class of 242 so I always tried to stay around 235 or so. I had about 300-350 grams of protein a day. Carbs I didn't keep track of so much. I took a lot of flaxseed oil. 4 shots a day. Every morning I went to a cafe where a friend was a chef and had a huge 10 egg breakfast. I basically just used a lot of common sense. Creatine, glutamine after training along with 60 grams of whey. I also would have a protein shake of 60 grams first thing in the morning. My diet wasn't too complicated. It doesn't need to be.

Most that I know of would just do a lot of weird movements like Louie Simmons instructed like Zurchers squats etc. I just didn't think that would work for me. And it didn't. It made sense that if I just used the variables with the squat and scrambled them around I could still be interested and fresh with what I was trying to achieve. I am a firm believe that if you want to improve in a lift you must DO the lift. I used 4 different heights for my squatting as well.

Usually each movement was about 3-4 weeks. So I actually was good. I never went to failure until I missed. Always a set away from missing. Luckily with all of my speed work, squatting I could take a week off from a major ME squat. A few ME sessions were just me doing some Smith machine squatting for reps. Nothing too taxing. But I think I only did that three times during my training cycle.


I never felt like I found my niche as well with the benching training.

Wednesday was my BP ME effort day. Saturday or Sunday was my speed/technique day. This day REALLY helped me a lot.

I usually did 2 triceps movements for about 10 total sets. Then I would do some seated rows or pull downs for 6-8 sets. 2-3 sets of 21's for delts. I just couldn't do a lot of pressing with all the ME training. My shoulders were too sore. Sometimes I did hammer curls for biceps.

My ME exercises I chose were: close grips, illegal grip bp, close grip incline press, floor presses and 2-3 board presses. then I started my extra stuff.

Speed day was competition form for about 8-12 sets of my competition bench grip. I disagree with Louie Simmons on this point. You don't change your footing for the squat speed day so why do it here? I would do 3 explosive 30-45 seconds and go again.

Well, I would have used a belt more. I would have also paid more attention to my rotators. I was still deadlifting over 700 at that bodyweight. My bench sucked. If I did 400 I was happy.

Major injuries? Not so much. Normal stuff. I think that is why I was able to have my numbers climb.


I always thought that I was going to be the first truly CLEAN guy to squat a grand in the 242 class. But I know I would have gotten at least far as the deadlift and bench, I guess somewhere around 750 dl and a 450 bench. But now with the crazy ass shirts and squat suits who knows.

I couldn't make the 220 class. I was way too lean. I was still too light for 275 although I was planning on competing in that class for an APF meet before I was injured.

And as far as the hypothetical: I think I could have been an 1100 squatter, 900 deadlifter for sure. I don't care about the bench BUT I suppose with the shirts to help my shoulder I may have hit 700.


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