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My personal experience with MM training: I.E. don't make the same mistakes I did!

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I've been doing it for about 3 months or so, and here's what I learned: 1: If following the program exactly as laid out on the MM website, you probably NEED to take every 3rd or 4th week off. I neglected this part at first, and buddy, when your CNS decides to shut down, no matter how psyched up you try to get, you get stapled. It's a truly awful feeling. I started taking a whole week off bench training, and that really fixed it. 2: You might want to keep speed work every other week. I eliminated it, and my raw bench weights kept going down down down, inexplicably, while my board maxes went up by 50-100lbs. The bottom of my bench has always sucked miserably. I noticed that the raw weights began their descent the week after I stopped doing speed work, and continued for 2 months. 3: Don't eliminate lockouts or shoulder presses off the pins! I did both of these (lack of energy I tried to tell myself) and guess what, my bench went down, specifically my board presses, and my stability turned to crap. Shoulder strength is very important. 4: It helps if you have a shirt, lol. I bench raw, but if I used a shirt, my shirted bench would've went up 80lbs or so in the last 3 months on this routine. My 3-5 board weights skyrocketed. All in all, don't be a lazy moron, and this program will work pretty damn well. Figure out what's holding you back, and pound the crap out of it. I like MM a lot. Bob

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I like it too, instead of speed or max triples on raw, we basically did a periodized style of benching going up in weights and down in reps weekly, this way our cns's werent so taxed, but you are right taking a week off every 3 or 4 is essential (to me at least), another thing i found is constant elbow pain, but that maybe i am a big puss..... D

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The original MM routine had a heavy raw day when shoulders were also hit heavily.

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Big Daddy D- Yes, you are a puss:) Love, the fat man.