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Starting then stopping weight training

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I've worked out off and on since I was 17.. I would work out for like 5 months then quit then a few months later work out for 3 months then maybe 6 months here and there and then the cycle would continue. I am now 26 and I want to get back into it again and keep at it this time and I was wondering. when you workout out off and on would that still make you a beginner or intermediate. I have the knowledge of working out but not the hours lol. So when I create a workout schedule should I make a begginers or intermediate

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If you're talking about whole body workouts or two day splits, with a focus on heavy compound movements. I'd say go for it. This is a great way to get thicker no matter how much you've trained in the past.

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I say train however you think that you should, just make sure that you ease back into it at first like you're a beginner. Muscle memory will come back, but until then I'd ease in with lighter weights than where you left off and less volume. After a couple of weeks of feeling the weights again, hit it hard !

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