Take the step???  


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24/01/2020 7:35 pm  

Been biking for 2 years now (I'm 44), and always long endurance pace blahblahblah... the old fashioned way.
10 weeks ago first "HIT" on my Tacx Flow
don't laugh : 6x3 minutes at 210 watt (HR165), I thought I was doing well
this week
tuesday : 2x20 min at 240 (hr163 - 168)
thursday : 15 min at 250 + 20 min at 250 (hr idem)
got some firework left in the bag, so this week...

I found someone selling his power tap (wireless+ comp+softw+wheel+shim 10 speed block+ new tyre) used 20 times, 5 months old, coming in the original box
for 700 euro (+/- $1000) I think it's a deal, what do you guys think?
should I take the step???
I'm not a competitor, but as I work 60 hrs a week, I think I can optimize my training time.
Is it worth the bucks, or should Tacx do the thing too.
Can PT be useful for hard group rides

thanks for the advice

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24/01/2020 8:04 pm  

The indoor trainer has its place, but an on the bike power meter is the way to go. If you have the money and you trust the source, I would certainly go for it. The wireless is a nice setup as the look is very clean. I purchased a wired new and have been very happy with it but do envy the wireless ones that I see.
For the benefits over the indoor trainer -- the largest one the I see is the road data that you will accumulate under normal riding conditions. Also, you will not be tied to the trainer for all of you power based workouts (which will get old if it has not already). I personally also find that the shorter the interval, the worse the trainer gets.

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26/01/2020 2:28 pm  

Yes! Most people would probably assume by "taking the step" that you were talking about going on some cycle! No way you need to do that!

The less free time you have on your hands the more useful a powermeter becomes. You can become an excellent rider doing as little as 8 hours a week, (and you can probably get pretty good doing even less) so long as you use a powermeter to train at the exact intensity that suits you (ie your threshold). A pm is also very useful hard group rides. Its here you'll put in the most effort over shorter periods of time (1-8minutes and sprints). You can use this info for things like pacing the shorter climbs, or for attacking if youre a racer. You can also use the group rides to see how your performance degrades after being out for 3 or 4 hours. Using the pm you can then track your performance with cycling peaks software and see exactly how much youre improving, as well as where you are struggling. Looking at the stats for a ride after once you're back home, and seeing that you've set a new power pb is a great feeling, and of course helps with motivation. €700 is a good price; get it and you won't look back!