Wrestling weight and muscle  


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02/09/2018 8:10 am  

Ok well granted that i know it is unhealthy to lose weight like us wrestlers do in such little time i need some help here.. ok well i weighed 150 pounds at the start of my drop of weight and now im at 141 pounds over the past week here now i know thats highly unhealthy but i need to know of any diets and stuff to retain my muscle mass because i worked so hard all summer to get bulked up and make myself feel better about myself basically! But now as ive lost weight my muscle is going down and i feel like the old skinny person that didnt do anything all summer even though i still have a majority of it i want a way to keep my muscle mass yet still lose weight!

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02/09/2018 8:56 am  

Move up in weight class. The work out you do as a wrestler are hard on your body. Yo-Yo dieting, heavy cardio, etc. are all going to tear down muscle. If you want to lose weight and keep muscle you will have to loose it slowly, like off-season, and maintain while you are competing. Good Luck.

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02/09/2018 9:30 am  

Try taking scivation bcaa's while cutting. Start megadosing.


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