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can anyone give me a proven steroid mass cycle?

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I am a first timer here to this site. I am looking for a steroid program that will add massive amounts of mass with little water weight. Can anyone provide me with the names and amounts with time frame i should take?

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reseach is the key you could answer your own questions if you spent one day researching on this site alone its not as simple as take the gear and grow you need to eat and train right first tell us a bit more about your self and we could help you more what are your stats training experience etc

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The proven way to gain mass is DIET. It doesn't matter what you run if your diet isn't spot on you will NOT get the results you are seeking.

There is more than enough info on this board to research a cycle and lay one out for us to critique. You need to do some work and research like has already been said.

We need stats about you as well as let us look at your diet to know if you're eating correctly. So read up on this board, get an idea of what you feel would be a smart cycle to run, post it and then we'll critique it.

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