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Meridia vs Clen vs t3 vs ECA

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Which of these is the most effective? Is there a hands down winner? Why doesnt anyone ever mention taking perscription weightloss drugs? Meridia is the most highly prescribed weight loss drug in the US but you guys rail on about clen and ECA. Are they more effective or is it just that meridia is like 10 times more expensive? What if money were no object? What would you all take? Why?

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Everyone responds different to different drugs. So you need to try it out for yourself. Run a Clen cycle and ECA together and see if you get the results you are looking for. But remember if your diet is out and you do not train you are wasting your money.

PS I don't mean take clen and ECA at the same time cycle it 2weeks clen,2 weeks ECA for eight weeks.

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I've never used prescription weight loss drugs so I can't comment on them. Diet and exercise should be the everyones first choice in fat loss because it is the most effective. Drugs should be restricted to assisting with losing that last little bit of stubborn fat, not the main event!

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Have to agre with the guys, most of the time prescription weight loss meds are abused and lead to malnurishment as well. First steps should be to get your diet on track but most importantly you have to always remember that severe weight loss in an uncontrolled environment is dangerous. M-

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meridia has very dangerous side effects ---shouldnt be used unless you very obese and even then should be looked at very close