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Does anyone disagree with a 16 week cycle? anyways i was thinking about it possibly looking like this, but it is still subject to change. Any feedback would be great.

1-4 Prop 150mgs EOD

1-4 T-Bol 40mgs ED

5-16 sust 650mgs a week (split up 4 times a week)

5-12 Tren Ace 350mgs a week (50mgs ED)

maybe masteron the last 3 weeks? idunno yet..

Pct would be nolva and clomid

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i would say a lot of people do 16 wk cycles you seem to of planned it out ok but i wouldnt use nolva for pct keep the clomid and also use 1 tablet of aromasin each day of pct you will recover alot better because aromasin increases natural test levels by upto 60%
you will need to use a aromatase inhibator (letro arimidex aromasin)while on your cycle and also some cabersar for the prolactin sides of the tren

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