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I've been off for a while but I need some advice on my 4th cycle. I'm currently 22 yrs old, 5'8 and 180lbs. I may get flammed about my routine or diet but due to a motorcycle accident, I had lost a lot of my gains from the previous cycles. I'm getting back into the swing of things and working out on a regular basis. Here goes, Week 1 to 10 800mgs of enethate Week 1 to 10 400mgs of EQ or DECA Week 1 to 4 40mgs of Dbol'>D-bol or anavar per day Also want to throw in some fina or winny Clomid and HCG theraby at the end Please help me refine this cycle. Your help is much appreciated thanks in advance

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run 1 g of enath weeks 1-2, 800 mgs weeks 3-11. run the dbol weeks 1-4 35 mgs a day. run the winny weeks 8-13 50 mgs a day. Run the EQ,over deca, 6-800 mgs weeks 1-2 then 400 is fine weeks 3-10. Fina at 50-75 mgs a day is fine in lue of the winny. I wouldnt run the cycle, until u are back up to your full natural potential again. u can make wonderful gains when u are working with muscle memory...