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finally starting to recover  


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21/01/2020 10:16 pm  

on April 11 I started coming down with something. I waited and waited and waited to see a Dr. Finally went 10 days ago today. Diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia (in just one lung?). Dr put me on bioxin and albuteral. That was on a Wed. By Saturday the same week I was no better in fact I felt like I had developed a sinus infection while on bioxin. Went back and sure enough I had. Changed my antibiotic to keflex, put me on a tablet asthma med as well as combivent inhaler. As of yesteday I am finally starting to feel better. I can breath again! Its been a long miserable road. ON the bright side for some reason I have 2 refills on the keflex so I may get 1 refill to keep on hand for a "just in case" I have a bad pinning.

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21/01/2020 10:45 pm  

keeping some on hand is a good idea. i just recovered from about a 4 week chest cold, really sucks.