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"flu" shake

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I drink these twice daily but they're good for those times when you're too sick to eat . 1 banana 1 apple 2 dsrt spoons unhulled sesame seeds ( amino's ) 2 dsrt spoons sunflower seeds ( protein ) 2 dsrt spoons linseeds ( digestion ) 2 dsrt spoons bee pollen ( everything ) 1 dsrt spoon wheatgerm oil 300 ml soymilk Don't go too heavy on the linseed & wheatgerm or you'll be shittin till next week and growing tits !! The bee pollen is the best food I've ever found . It's about 60% protein I think and has protein availability score equivalent to mothers milk . 30-50 grams per day of pollen per day and go hard . ( just make sure you're not allergic to bee products or you're fucked ) I feel the stinkin flu coming on so I'll be sucking these down all day long GB