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Glutamine And Cancer  


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16/09/2018 3:04 pm  

glutamine Depletion: glutamine is a non-essential amino acid and the major nitrogen source for nucleic acid and protein synthesis. It is also an important energy substrate in rapidly dividing cells. Tumor cells are significantly more sensitive to glutamine depletion than normal cells. Phenylbutyrate depletes the cells of glutamine without affecting the glutamine utilizing enzymes. In its metabolized form it is capable of conjugating glutamine to yield PAG (phenyl acetyl glutamine), which is then excreted in the urine, and the tumor cells will not have enough "fuel" to continue to grow and multiply. Normal cells are not affected by the used dosages. It has been shown (Samid 1992) that Phenylbutyrate arrests tumor growth and induces differentiation of premalignant and malignant cells through this non-toxic mechanism.

saw that on a site.does that mean glutamine supplementation might cancer?