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Viagara and blood pressure

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Does anyone know if viagara can temporarily lower blood pressure? My current blood pressure is high, and I have a blood pressure test in a few days, my future job depends on the outcome of my blood pressure test. I was wondering if I took a viagara an hour before my blood pressure if it would lower or increase my blood pressure? Thanks.

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It can temp lower your BP, but it could elevate your pulse. Could also make your skin flush. Low bp with high pulse rate could have the doc asking questions. Just a tip......wait at least 10 minutes, once you enter the building, before getting your bp done. If you don't, it will be higher than your normal bp. Also, you have the power to control your bp, pulse, ect. Look up Biofeedback. It great stuff....not sure if you'll have enought time to practice it.

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I assume you've already tried the easy things, like eliminating all salt from your diet? What's your BP, and where does it need to get down to?

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What ever you do DO NOT TAKE THE VIAGRA WITH ANY NITRATES! Can cause sever hypotenstion and death! You can take coenzyme q10, potassium, fish oil, flax oil, and hawthorn herb to lower your bp naturally, but it takes between 4-10 weeks to work.