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Diet/SSRIs/weight loss...  


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19/09/2019 12:22 pm  

Evening everyone... I've gotten some good advice here and am a little perplexed right now..

Competitive Cyclist, 175lbs

For ever I raced at 170lbs, maybe 168/167 if I was lucky.. last Summer my doc switched my SSRI to Zoloft in August and immediately I shed down to 165 and was climbing like a champ.. over the off season of course things went up.. not too bad, standard 5lbs or so.

Beginning of the season I was at 175, assuming with racing that those pesky 5 lbs would come off and I'd have to work a bit for the extra 5.. now I sit here STILL at 175 with the hilly races ahead.. I switched to Lexopro since I know Zoloft has the weight loss sides.. been running Albuterol off and on @ 6pumps ED 3 weeks on 1 off or if I don't go off I hit the Keto at night..

Diet is good, Oats for Breaky, std lunch, lite dinner, no snacks, avoid the crap, most days I would guarantee I'm running a defecit..


I remember how I was last August on the climbs and boy did I like it.....