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My success with my battle against MPB (male pattern balding) has compelled me to give this information.

I am now 29 and have taking cycles since 16 yrs of age. I come from a long line (on my fathers side) of men with high hairlines naturally. My great grandpa and grandpa both died with full heads of hair. My dad curently 52 has his hair. with this I never considered myself at risk for MPB. However at the age of 26 I started waking up in the mornings with 20 or so pieces of hair on my pillow. Within a few months my fience and my hairstylist began noticing a rise in my hairline and a general thinning on the top and in the back.

I have taken steroids for purposes of competing and the workout benefits. But lets face it we get into this game because we like to look good. Steroids has always been a tool to help with this goal. When I accepted the fact that I was loosing my hair I began to do research, including seeking the advice from you members. I was given an array of advice and I tried all. I first started by trying to take less androgenic gear, with no success. I discontinued gear entirely with no success, I tried taking Propecia; all with no success. I went to doctors including dermatologist and hair restoration doctors. Here is the usefull information I concluded:

1. Taking steroids increases the production of Dihydro Testosterone"DHT" the main culprit in MPB and prostate cancer, as the main receptors are located in the scalp and the prostate for DHT
2. Steroids do promote MPB even if it does not run in your family
3. Once it starts it will continue
3b. It will continue in these areas mainly as the hair doctor put it these areas are like pons. They will go first untill they are totally gone, and then stop. The primary hair loss zones are:
1. front hair line
2. top hair crown
3. back of head
4. Discontinuing steroids alone may not work once hair loss is set in place.
5. Hair loss can be stopped!

I went back to my family doctor who had prescribed me propecia, and who oversees my health while I am cycling. I told him the propecia did not work. He gave me a script for advodart. You may have heard the commercials on this stuff as it is prescribed to prevent prostate cancer. As advodart is a DHT prohibitor. My doc prescribed me this medication and told me to give it 6 months before I concluded anything.

I did as he said and after 5 months I had stopped losing hair! However through the process in discovering this drug my hairline was severly changed. My front hair line receded up to two inches at the edges, I had a small circle with no hair in the back and a thinned out crown. I went to a hair restoration doctor and received a hair transplant procedure for the front hairlines. I did not receive plugs as these look like shit. I received a hair graft. This is where the doc cuts approx. .5 inch thich and about 8 inch long piece of my scalp off my head. The donor site is in a place not affected by dht (toward the back bottom of my head). He then cut the piece of scalp into 1750 pieces of individual hairs. Sliced up the front part of my balded scalp and began planting the individual hairs in the cuts. It took 8 hours total. The only place I received hair transplant was in the front of my head. The hair used as I mentioned is from an area of my head that genetically is not affected by dht. so this hair now placed by the root into the front of my head will too not be affected by DHT

He then told me to purchase Rogaine with 5% Monixidol ( you can get at ant grocery store) and rub it on my head in the back and the top (the places i did not receive any hair grafts)

I have done as I was told. I take Advodart 5mg per day and use the 5% monoxidil rogaine once pre day as I will continue this forever.
My results are 18 months post treatment as follows. I have a full head of hair with no evidence of premature balding. The front of my head where the grafts were done completly healled from the surgery and the treated area is full of thick natural hair. The scar from the donnor site "where my scalp was removad" in the back of my head is not noticable. The areas I only used the monoxidil have fully recovered the lost hair. Basically I am better off than when I started as I had the doctor lower my hairline lower than I had prior to the start of my hairloss.

I will give my doctors info to any who request. He is located in san Fransisco and you can finance the procedure through GE Medical. The hair doc has all the info. The procedure was not expensive

The script for the advodart is typically covered by health insurance as it also prevents prostate cancer. and the rogaine is only $50 for a 3 month supply.

The best part of it is I have restarted my steroid supplementing now and have had no re-occurance in any hair loss. As the Advodart and rogain prevents it.

If you have not started losing hair and take gear I would recomend taking the advodart prior to starting the losing hair. If you currently are lossing hair get on the advodart and rogain immediatly. If you have areas that have balded request my docs info from me.

I am again happy, hairy and on gear. The way us guys are supposed to be


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