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vitamin E and zinc combo for gynio/puff nips

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was getting hormone replacement therapy from a doc, test cyp, my nips got a little sore and the doc gave me Arimidex and also told me to take some zinc just for good measure. i just took the arimdex and everything was fine. ran out of arimidex, doc went out of biz, and i'm still on the gear. read this thread about vitamin E and the good results he got. well i tried it in combo with the E and eveything went away no soreness no puffiness nothing. i swear by it and am contiuing it today. 4000 ius/mg Vit E and 50mg zinc. try it if your having problems. give it about a week or two. and you should see results.

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I read about it before but never tried it, i'll give it a shot though.

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I saw the original post. I'm trying it again at the full 4000 iu, spread in 4 doses over the day. My zinc was not as high as you were taking, but I may crank that as well. Will bump this again in 2 weeks to give results.