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Epo ?

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EPO thickens the blood and can be dangerous in the hands of an amateur user. Hemoglobin/hematocrit levels should be checked regularly while on it. Overviscous blood from EPO use can lead to stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolus, or other hypercoagulability diseases. Not worth the risk IMO. Doc

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Originally posted by ShizzoNizzo However, for athletes using EPO it's a very dangerous substance, especially those using maybe other RBC stimulating compounds like EQ (over 600mg day) or Anadrol (BTW..EPO replaced anadrol since it's a little 'safer'- less 17AA sides etc) IT CAN THICKEN THE BLOOD TO THE POINT of a sludge-like consistency which MAY translate to greater potential for thrombus formation (blood clots...) Thats why, as I stated, you use it POST CYCLE..AFTER your HBC levels have begun to drop. Again, if you use this stuff like cyclists do (300IUs per KG of BW per week) youre gonna run into trouble. 20IUs per KG of BW per week is considered a very safe and effective dose.

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take it from those in the med and Dr.B2K..stay away unless with med supervision...(NO DOC IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD OVERSEE IT ANYWAYS...RISK THEIR LICENSE..) see, we both mentioned the importance of H&H levels..etc..

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