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GH timing and sleep architecture

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So I've been looking into using my sleep time a with greater productivity ie deeper sounder sleep, bettering my GH release etc. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated

Ideas so far
1. Long acting slow release proteins taken before sleep.
2. Relevant amino acids to boost GH release. Do they cross tolerate with long acting protein source.
3. Lipid combination. I'm thing Fish oil-MCT-Lecithin
4. GABA, Hmmmm I hav read that GHB is good for GH release and GABA is a precursor so would this work?
5. Melatonin.
6. How is this going to affect my dreams. I have very vivid dreams and feel that they have a great deal of benefit to me psychologically so I don't want to upset that system too much.

Here's an interesting article with approximate timings of GH release, Cortisol release and insulin as well as REM phasing.

Thanks CEM posse

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Thanks for the article. It's been something that is on my mind as of late.

I've used here and there diphenhydramine hydrochloride (OTC sleep aid/ or allergy med) and Gravol. Both leave me groggy in the morning but nothing a splash of water on the face dosent fix. Those and melatonin put me in a really deep sleep. Not sure about every night use. Could see a quick tolerance build up.