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Info on EPO

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Could anybody please help me find information on using EPO? Sides, warnings etc.
Thanks Peter

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I have loads of info on this --I have used this drug before and its the best of all the drugs I have used ---the pump you get is unreal----You just have to get a hemocratic machine to check to make sure you stay around 52 to 55 and not go over that or you could get viscous blood and hypertension or clot, but you can combat that with asprin and Vit E---You take about 2000iu to 4000iu a week for 5 weeks it will take about four weeks for the red bloods cell to be produced but you can accelerate it by taking injectable B-12 and folic acid and Iron this will help aid in the production in the new red blood cells--and the effects after you stop taking the EPO last a couple a months from your last shot--which is awesome because thats the life span for red blood cells
I explain here more detail that EPO is sold in recombinant form (rhEPO) for injection. It usually is packaged as a lyophilized (freeze dried) powder that is reconstituted with sterile water before injection. One popular form is called Epogen(r), and it is made for subcutaneous usage. A starting dosage is typically 20 i.u. per kilogram bodyweight, 3 times/week. After two to four weeks, a maintenance dose of 20 i.u. /kg BW can be taken once a week.
I also recommend using anabolics with EPO to increase the potency of the RBC's---take in mind this drug can activate alot of growth in the body if used right....

EPO use can be very dangerous if the user allows their hematocrit to creep too high. The ideal hematocrit for athletic performance is thought to be 55 (expressed in percent). Levels above this can result in "sludging" of the blood, which reduces microcirculation. This is counterproductive to oxygen transport. Additionally, at high hematocrit levels one is at greater risk for deadly vascular events such as stroke, especially if he/she becomes dehydrated during competition (which increases hematocrit even further).

In addition to increasing aerobic efficiency through greater oxygen transport in the blood, there is some evidence suggesting EPO may also have anabolic effects. EPO has been shown in rat studies to substantially increase weight gain and injury repair after surgery. Furthermore, EPO receptors are present on myoblasts (immature muscle cell progenitors) and may have a potential in muscle development and repair.

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I would love to use EPO but it is so expensive